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Armadillos deal against each other in Xayu´s arena as an ordeal to please the mighty gods.

Xayu is a multiplayer team combat sport where a couple of players battle against another in a holy and deathly match to prove themselves to be worthy enough to survive.

The match takes place in an arena over the top of an ancient mountain pushing the opposing team over the ledges, but beware being hit by any of the other players and fall to your shame and death. Many obstacles are in the way, but as they're hit, they erode until they dissappear leading a gap into the infinite abyss.

It is a cooperative match in which the members of each team share a XBox360 controller, taking turns using their team´s memebers to shoot them as proyectiles directly to the others, so strategy and cooperation arethe key.

This game is all about agility and dexterity to be fast enough to dodge and push the contenders out of the ring in order to be the champions of the deadliest sport of Xayu.

Gameplay Video (off-screen)

Developed by:

Susana Alegría Zúñiga

Abraham López Agatón

Jorge Sotomayor Díaz de Cossio

Music: Supernova Kiss by Jeremiah Johnson, aka Nullsleep

Install instructions

Download the file and unzip it.

It requires a couple of XBox360 controllers.


Xayu_Source.rar 15 MB
Xayu_Windows.zip 13 MB
Xayu.app.zip 13 MB

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